Baby Keepsake Box: An Essential part of your parenthood

Baby Keepsake Box: An Essential part of your parenthood

If you belong from a generation, especially from the by-gone era, you would know the importance of having keepsake box for baby- because memories are important. Just when a baby arrives into the life of a parent, it becomes more meaningful, special and worth living for. For a new parent everyday is like a new day to make unforgettable memories with the tiny new one.

As a new parent you can start storing things of your baby’s early childhood, use baby keepsake box as an ultimate memory storage solution.

Different ways of capturing moments of your baby:

We’re definitely living in a world of instant selfies and photos. Good days are stored in form of pictures, but there are many other things that are as much valuable as those pictures are. Imagine: To be able to show your growing kid that tiny identity wristband which was once used to tag her at the time of birth must be a magical feeling and might surprise your kid as they see the small size. Anyway, let us move on to some of the amazing things that can be captured as memories of your bundle of joy. And they are-

  • Monogrammed clothes
  • Stuffed toys
  • Bib
  • Socks
  • Baby hair brush
  • First tooth
  • Few trinkets
  • First drawing
  • And much more…

After a certain time, many parents decide to hand it down to their kids once they’re 18, while some parents like to keep storing things and keep it to themselves until their kids are married.  

A large wooden memory keepsake box for all those special things

There are many plastic storage options available in the market, but traditional wooden memory boxes are still in demand. The best part of a wooden keepsake box is that you can customize it with names and texts engraved on or inside the lid. You can choose from as many as seven different font styles and thematic letters to engrave with Gold or Silver.

New parents will find it very useful to storing essential parenting items as well as baby’s belongings in one designated place until their tiny tot really grows into a big one. A large wooden keepsake box is not only inexpensive storage solution, but also it’s an heirloom quality product that can be passed through generation after generations.

For people who want to customize the usage of the box with times, they can easily do it. Wooden keepsake box comes with different sizes and the one that comes with optional cedar base can be used to store quilt and blanket. Cedar coating emanates different aroma which is also a natural pest deterrent. So when you keep your special things inside the box, you can rest assured that they will remain protected from pest attacks.   

The options are endless when it comes to keepsake box. It can be used by a newly wedded couple, a recently graduated students and by grandparents who have ages of memories in their stock. The box can be transformed in a wedding keepsake box or a baby keepsake box based on the phase a person is going through.

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