Timeless Pieces You can Put in Your Wedding Keepsake Box

Timeless Pieces You can Put in Your Wedding Keepsake Box

Time fades away. But memories last.

Life can get busy but we need to take time to make memories. These memories are worth keeping, sharing, and of course what could be more pleasurable than revisiting the moments which made our past delightful?  That’s where a memory box comes in!

A Wedding Memory Box to preserve your love forever!

As the name suggests a memory box is where you can keep your loving memories stored including  pictures or other belongings. You can can store your items with romantic values and reopen the box on any special day. Reopening that box after 10 long years to see those meaningful mementos and images can have a very special affect.

So what you can keep in the box?

As a married couple you can use it as your wedding keepsake box where you can organize your valued mementos. Here’s a list of what you can store in your box.

That Bottle of Wine

Many couples love to keep a bottle of wine in a large keepsake box. You could use it only on a significant year of their anniversary, or if it was gifted by a mutual friend and you can keep the wine to mature until the time when you can again meet and celebrate together.

Get back those days of Love letters

The the value of a hand-written letter is still romantic. You might have had the habit of writing love letters in your times. And what’s as better place than a personalized wooden memory box to keep those letters safe. The best thing is you can still write a letter to him/her explaining your feelings and your future goals, while keeping it as a secret inside  the box for a long time.

Photographs shouldn’t be missed

You might have many images, and every image has a story to tell. Pictures can be  tangible, lively and sign of sheer love. Now you can imagine how the feeling of seeing those pictures after 10 years will have you feel inside.

Wedding Memorabilia for sure

If your wedding cards are handmade, they are timeless pieces. Having not seen them for many years could make you forget them. So consider keeping them in a safe place like a wedding keepsake box?

We tend to forget the smallest yet significant memories because of our busy lives. However, we love looking back and reminiscing. How about keeping all those memories in one safe place-  a memory box, so in years to come, you can look back at those items with loved ones.

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