Personalized Gift Ideas For Mom From Sons & Daughters

Personalized Gift Ideas For Mom From Sons & Daughters

It’s often said that being a mom is the hardest job in the world. The hours are long, the pay is nil, the stress is high and yet, it is so gratifying that most moms would also say it’s the best job in the world. If another set of dish towels or a mani/pedi just won’t cut it, consider one of these personalized gift ideas for mom’s birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or any other holiday when you want her to feel loved and appreciated.

Gifts From Small Children

While there are countless DIY craft ideas that use finger, hand or foot prints from wee ones, most tend to have a short shelf life in terms of displaying it once your child is past a certain age. For a sentimental gift mom can treasure forever, take your son or daughter’s artwork and send it to Formia Design. They will handcraft pendants, bracelets, rings, keychains and many other accessories out of silver or gold that replicates your child’s artwork exactly.

Gifts From An Older Daughter

While the tween and teen years might be a challenge, there are few things stronger than the bond between a mother and daughter. When communication is difficult, many moms and daughters turn to a journal to write messages back and forth to one another. Modern mother-daughter journals include prompts to write about favorite things, share wishes and dreams, and make plans to do things together to help get the conversations started.

Gifts From An Older Son 

When carrying home a frog in his pocket as a gift for mom doesn’t do the trick anymore, older sons tend to struggle with sentimental or personalized gift ideas as they don’t want to be seen as “mushy” or babyish.

A wooden keepsake box provides a nice balance between practical and sentimental in this case. Wooden memory chests come in a variety of finishes and sizes and can be engraved with mom’s name and a message. The inside can be outfitted with picture frames in the lid and removable velvet-lined trays to separate mom’s treasures. What kind of treasures? Favorite cards, notes and artwork, dried pressed flowers gifted on a sunny day at the park, and found trinkets like shiny rocks and long-lost marbles that made him beam with pride when mom smiled her thanks at the small token of affection (no mom is throwing those away, so give her a beautiful place to keep them!).

Other Personalized Gifts For Mom

These gift ideas barely scratch the surface of what you can do to make mom feel special. More personalized gift ideas include:

No matter the occasion, everyone wants mom to feel like the queen she is! Use these sentimental gift ideas for mom for your next holiday and show her how much she is loved and appreciated.

For more gift ideas, visit to engrave and personalize a handcrafted wooden keepsake box for mom.

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