Celebrate Life’s Accomplishments With A Monogrammed Memory Chest From MemoryChests.com

Celebrate Life’s Accomplishments With A Monogrammed Memory Chest From MemoryChests.com

Graduation is a time for celebration. It is a time to celebrate the past and turn your eyes to the future. Finding a gift that both honors the hard work of the graduate and turns the focus to the future can be difficult. But a custom memory chest can accomplish both tasks.

Picking The Perfect Graduation Gift

Graduation is just one stop along life’s journey, but it’s a noteworthy one. That’s why we celebrate graduations with formal ceremonies in caps and gowns and fun-filled parties afterward. As such, you want the gift you give to be equally as special and noteworthy. The perfect graduation gift is:

  • Meaningful. It should have special meaning to both you and the recipient.
  • Useful. Great gifts get used and are more appreciated than trinkets that sit on a shelf.
  • Long-lasting.¬†Give the graduate something to turn to again and again when in need of inspiration or support from loved ones.

Memory chests meet all these needs. Monogrammed or personalized chests, in particular, hold extra special meaning for the gift-giver and the recipient. A special poem, congratulatory wishes or a favorite saying can all grace the inside of a memory chest – a special secret between you and your grad.

These chests are also extremely useful and long-lasting. Solid wood construction means they will hold up to future moves and will last the graduate’s entire life and even beyond. Small chests are useful for storing special school mementos while the larger chests can be used to store bigger or heavier items like favorite books, photographs and yearbooks.

Our graduation memory chests are so well constructed and beautiful that they start out as useful and practical gifts and wind up as family heirlooms. Pieces that have been monogrammed with the recipients’ last initial are especially popular as a family piece.

A Focus On The Future

Eventually, graduation fades and new accomplishments arise. One of the best things about the memory chest is that it adapts to life’s changes. Wedding rings join school rings. First pay stubs join old textbooks and baby clothes get piled onto the old varsity jacket. A memory chest isn’t just a place to store memories. It represents hope for the future.

When you gift a memory chest, you’re not just saying, “Remember this moment and cherish your memories.” You’re also saying, “Here’s an empty chest, ready to be filled with more of the accomplishments that I know you are capable of.”

Show your grad that you support them today and always with a monogrammed memory chest from MemoryChests.com.

Design A Custom Memory Chest For Your Graduate Today

Want to learn more about our memory chests? Visit our website at www.memorychests.com/graduation-memory-chest.htm for more information about creating a custom engraved memory chest to give as a graduation gift. Be sure to check out our engraving samples so you can add a personal touch to your gift.

Need help deciding? Give us a call at 701-214-3333 or email us at sales@memorychests.com to discuss your needs. We love helping our customers create the perfect gift!

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