4 Ways Monogrammed Wedding Chests Make The Perfect Gift

4 Ways Monogrammed Wedding Chests Make The Perfect Gift

Everyone wants to give a wedding gift that will be appreciated and used by the couple, but some of us want to give something more. We are looking for a gift that is unique and thoughtful. We want something that the couple can look at and remember their wedding day. We want something that stands out and is different. If this sounds like you, consider gifting a personalized wedding chest to your new bride and groom.

These solid wood, hand-crafted chests are available in a variety of sizes and finishes to match any storage need or décor. For a truly unique stamp on the chest, have it monogrammed with the bride and groom’s initials.

Still not convinced? Here are four ways wedding chests make the perfect gift.

4 Ways Memory Chests Are A Perfect Wedding Gift

1. They’re useful. Most couples fill their registry with things they need to begin their life together. Rarely does that list contain storage items or furniture and the couple ends up buying these items themselves. A memory chest can double as both. First homes and small apartments often lack storage space, but a memory chest can fill that need. It can be used to store wedding mementos or even linens and out of season clothing. Even better, the wood chests are beautiful and can easily be kept in plain sight, with the larger pieces even doubling as a bookshelf, side table, end table, even a make-shift bench.

As the couple’s life changes and kids come along, simple storage solutions will become even more appreciated. Here, the memory chests show versatility, easily converting to a toy box or that one special place where Mom and Dad can keep their own stuff, away from the kids.

2. They’re romantic. Weddings are a time for romance, right? A monogrammed wedding chest, with the bride and groom’s initials, sitting at the foot of the bed, holding treasured mementos from the wedding, engagement or even special dates can be a visual reminder of the love the couple shares. Consider inscribing the wedding date or a romantic message inside the box.

The chests are romantic in an historical way too. Very much like the hope chests of the past, memory chests can be filled with representations of your hopes and dreams for the newlyweds’ future or their own hopes and dreams, symbolizing their union.

3. They’re tradition inspiring. You can start a new tradition by gifting memory chests to all of the newlyweds in your family. Solid wood construction means these chests will become family heirlooms, being passed down from generation to generation. And by giving everyone the same gift, you won’t have to worry about jealous feelings arising because of perceived unfair gift-giving.

4. They’re unique. How many times have you seen a memory chest gifted to newlyweds? Probably never, but if you have, you certainly remember it. Your gift will be remembered as unique and thoughtful every time the couple uses it. As their life together grows, they will appreciate the versatility of the gift even more, turning to use it time and again. Monogramming and engraving make the chests even more personal and unique.

Purchase A Wedding Chest Today

Storage needs come in all sizes, which is why the wedding chests at MemoryChests.com come in three different sizes. The smallest size is perfect for storing jewelry and other smaller items, while the largest piece could hold the wedding dress itself. A variety of finishes and engraving options lets you design a gift that will fit the couple’s personalities perfectly.

Let us help you design the perfect wedding gift — a wedding chest from MemoryChests.com! Call us at 701-214-3333 or email your questions to us at sales@memorychests.com.

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