5 Sentimental Gift Ideas for Husbands and Wives

5 Sentimental Gift Ideas for Husbands and Wives

As the years of marriage roll by, it’s not uncommon for husbands and wives to have a hard time coming up with sentimental gift ideas. While Christmas might be an ideal holiday for practical gift-giving, like a new vacuum or briefcase, an anniversary or birthday often calls for a more thoughtful, meaningful gift.

Need help coming up with sentimental gift ideas for your husband or wife? Check out some of our favorites.

  • DIY Gifts. No, we’re not talking about handprint flowerpots here. Grownup versions of DIY gifts include picture collages, keychains, create your own storybooks, mini-books and photobooks, and custom anniversary art that highlights important dates and photos throughout the years. Amanda at Dwelling Happiness has a wonderful list of 20 DIY sentimental gifts that you can use for any occasion.
  • Wooden Keepsake Box. Over the years you will accumulate photos, cards and love letters, ticket stubs and plane tickets. If you’re extra sentimental you might even want to record your modern courting ways (i.e. text messages) in an old fashioned book. Txt-book does just that! If your husband or wife likes to hang on to paper stuff like this, a personalized and engraved wooden keepsake box is a sentimental gift idea they will use – and revisit – for the rest of their lives. Wooden memory boxes come in a variety of sizes and finishes, and can even be personalized with photo frames and removable velvet-lined trays.
  • Surprise Getaway. If you can swing a week in Paris, hey, that’s fantastic and your spouse is sure to swoon. But for a truly sentimental gift, make it a getaway to your past. The place you met, your first date, where you proposed, are all places you can go to recreate your most treasured memories. After the “date,” kick it up a notch by staying in a swanky hotel (even if just for the night!) then doing something new in the morning like hitting a farmer’s market and grabbing brunch like the locals.
  • Beer or Wine. But not the one you drink every weekend! Did you take a trip to a craft brewery or local winery where a new favorite was found but never tasted again? Hunt it down and present your love with a hard-to-find libation. Or, simply rewind time to a memorable occasion where your significant other mentioned that they really enjoyed “that bottle of wine.” Remembering it and gifting it to him or her will make you look like a rockstar. 
  • Their favorite ____. Sometimes you get so caught up trying to figure out the most unique, sentimental gift ever, you overlook the simple things that would be just as impactful. Whether it’s a book signed by their favorite author or tickets to see their favorite band playing, sometimes just remembering what your love loves and treating them to it is the best gift of all.

Whether it’s your 10th anniversary or another Valentine’s Day that you want to make special, these sentimental gift ideas for husbands and wives are sure to show just how much you care (and pay attention!)

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