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Small oak memory chest

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Small Memory Chest in Cherry

Small Memory Chest

- Cherry or Oak finish
- Removable tray
- Portable tabletop
- Engravable on top or inside

Medium Memory Chest -

- Cherry or Oak finish
- All Wood
- Removable tray
- Handles for portability
- Engravable on front or inside lid

Large Memory Chest

- Cherry,Oak or Espresso
- All Wood
- Double lid supports for safety
- Engravable with text on front or inside lid
- Full size chest for ample storage

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Cherry memory chest with engraving

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Memory chests, keepsake wooden boxes, and memorial chests
are ideal storage options for our most precious memories.

Sentimental Wooden Chests For Memorable Occasions

Customized wooden chests are one of the best methods for storing items associated with the happiest moments of our lives. Brides and grooms will find them especially useful for helping them keep all of their wedding preparation items in one place before their special day and as a storage space for memorabilia after their wedding day passes. Not to be forgotten are parents who want to have a special place for their child's first cards and hospital items. A keepsake box is an inexpensive yet beautiful storage option for those irreplaceable mementos.

A memory chest can come in a variety of sizes and wood options for every event. For those individuals who want to make their wooden chest as memorable as the occasion they are using it for; these memory chests and keepsake boxes can be laser engraved with any text that will add meaning to the contents of the wooden box. The options are endless and can include bride and groom names, a child's name, and/or an epitaph, a poem or any saying that imparts a sense of what that special moment meant.


Creating A Memory Chest is a Perfect Wedding Gift

As beautiful as it is functional, a memory chest has everything brides and grooms could want for keeping their wedding accessories in one place before their happy day and for keeping their treasured items safe after they are married. A memory chest easily functions as a cache for a wedding dress, as well as for engraved champagne glasses, personalized napkins, invitations and centerpieces before they are needed and is even more useful for storing wedding gifts such as blankets and bath towels after the "I do's" are said.

For this occasion, a large wooden chest would be ideal. Wood Creations Inc. carries a range of full sized all-wood chests that would be sure to meet the needs of any newly married couple. It is available in oak, cherry and espresso with an optional cedar base for keeping insects away from those irreplaceable items. Engraving is also an option and can be done on the front of the box or on the inside lid.

Keepsake Boxes For Childhood Memories

As special as a wedding is, the first year of a person's life is irreplaceable. That is why a keepsake box is a wonderful storage choice. For this option, Wood Creations Inc. carries an enchanting small wooden chest that is 14x10½x 6½. It is large enough for an 8½x11 inch document at the bottom of the box while also having enough room for a baby's first pair of shoes. This keepsake box also includes a removable velvet lined tray for items such as hospital bracelets and a photo frame that can accommodate three pictures of the newborn child.

Memorial Chest for Family Members Who Have Died

A special memory chest for family who have passed away is a perfect gift. The memories of the deceased are in the special items they had when they were living. Having a keepsake box for this special person helps with the grieving process of the family members, and can make a very special, almost sacred place for the special belongs of the person who has died.

Every wooden chest is an extension of the individuals who include them in their lives. They safely house the tangible items that have added to the memories that accompany us throughout our lives.